Battle Royale

Kazuo Kiriyama (Part One) is the ninth chapter of Battle Royale.


Mitsuru Numai rushes to the place where the Kiriyama Family agreed to meet up. While running, Mitsuru reflects on how Kazuo Kiriyama made him a "somebody", when he was a "nobody"; he reflects on his life before meeting Kazuo, where he was always being nagged by people, and developed a habit of beating that person until he got what he wanted, whether it be a haircut or an admittance he was strong. One day, he was beating Ryuhei in the library when three upperclassmen surrounded him.

Mitsuru fights back, but is overwhelmed and beaten down, and one of his fingers is broken to reach him to "respect his elders". Kazuo, who was in the library reading, tells the students to take their fight outside, since their disturbing everyone. The upperclassmen try to intimidate Kazuo, but he defeats them easily. Mitsuru asks how he did what he did, and Kazuo simply says he used what he learned from the human anatomy book he was reading. Mitsuru pledges himself to Kazuo, as repayment for saving his life.

In the present, Mitsuru makes it to the meeting location. He sees Kazuo siting on a rock and rushes to him, but stops when he steps in blood.



  • This chapter is the first appearance of Mitsuru and Kazuo during the game.