Battle Royale
Manga Information
Kazuo Kiriyama (Part Two)
Kazuo Kiriyama Part Two
Chapter: 10
Volume: 2
Previous: Kazuo Kiriyama Part One
Next: Treasure
Deaths: Izumi Kanai, Hiroshi Kuronaga, Ryuhei Sasagawa, Mitsuru Numai

Kazuo Kiriyama (Part Two) is the tenth chapter of Battle Royale.


Kazuo Kiriyama has just defeated a group of men at a bowling ally. Mitsuru Numai continues to praise Kazuo, who thinks about how the heft of a bowling ball is the same as the human head. Mitsuru only replies if he says so and knows that he cannot ever disrespect his "boss". Mitsuru then thinks back on how smart Kazuo is and how he got a perfect score on a test. He also thinks back on Kazuo's musical and artistic abilities plus fighting skills. Basically Kazuo is perfect. Mitsuru has no idea what drew Kazuo and him together as they don't have much in common but figures that Kazuo hangs out with him as a form of rebellion as he thinks back on when he changed Kazuo's hairstyle to look more like the leader of their group and "hard".

Mitsuru loses his train of thought when he arrives at the meeting point as Kazuo tells him to watch his step. Mitsuru looks down to see the corpse of their friend, Hiroshi Kuronaga and then Ryuhei Sasagawa falling to the ground. Mitsuru wants to know what is going on but Kazuo doesn't say much. Mitsuru tries to believe that both of his friends just bought into the program and that Kazuo had no choice but to murder them. Kazuo doesn't respond but this doesn't worry Mitsuru too much as he thinks that they don't need them anyway and runs to join him until he finds another corpse, this one is a girl and it's Izumi Kanai. Mitsuru asks what she is doing there but Kazuo offers a simple explanation and tells him that he flipped a coin to decide her fate and the result was tails which meant he was going to take part in the program. Mitsuru aims his gun at Kazuo who fires away at his "friend".

Mitsuru has some last minute thoughts which end with him realizing that he never saw Kazuo smile.



  • This chapter is the first (and last) appearance of Hiroshi, Ryuhei, and Izumi during the game.
  • In the original version of the manga, Izumi was at the location first and Kazuo captured her which lead to the coin toss.
    • In the Tokyopop translation, Izumi was taken by Ryuhei and Hiroshi to Kazuo so they could all rape her.
  • This chapter features the most deaths, although Ryuhei, Hiroshi and Izumi were already dead by the time they are shown.