Character Information
Kazushi Niida
Kills: 1 (Yoshio Akamatsu)
Killed by:Takako Chigusa
Cause of Death:Stabbed
Assigned Weapon:Coat Hanger
Actor:Hirohito Honda

"Hey Chigusa, what are you doing?"

Basic Info

Kazushi Niida (新井田 和志 Niida Kazushi) is a character in the film Battle Royale. He was played by Hirohito Honda. Niida has B-type blood


Kazushi Niida is one of the class of third-year students at the fictional Shiroiwa Junior High School in the fictional town of Kanagawa. He was frequently making excuses, and blaming others for things that were his own fault. He had a crush on Takako Chigusa. Takako strongly disliked Kazushi, who remained as her classmate into the 9th grade.

Friends and Enemies

It is unknown who Kazushi hangs out with. Although, if his film counterpart is anything like the other versions, he might have been friends with Tatsuchimi Oki, Toshinori Oda and Tadakatsu Hatagami.

In the Program


Kazushi's dead body as Mitsuko Souma (background) chases after and shoots his killer, Takako Chigusa.

When Kazushi first leaves the school, he sees Mayumi Tendo's corpse and Yoshio Akamatsu's unconscious form. He picks up Yoshio's crossbow (better than his own weapon, a coat hanger), and when Yoshio wakes up and attacks him, Kazushi shoots and kills Yoshio with it. Taking both the bowgun and Mayumi's daypack, Kazushi disappears into the woods.

Later on, Kazushi comes across Takako Chigusa, and asks her to join him. He also propositions her, saying "Don't you want to do it once before you die?" When Takako refuses his request, and insults his penis, Niida then points the crossbow he obtained from Yoshio Akamatsu and points at her head saying that he can force himself on her and he will. Takako then tells him to try it and Kazushi fires the crossbow, grazing her cheek. Kazushi then asks if she's okay. Takako then touches the wound, then looks at the blood on her fingers and says "you have scarred my face" and becomes infuriated. Niida then claims that it was her fault and that he made her do it. Takako then disgustedly remarks that Kazushi always blames his mistakes on others, which is the reason why she hates his guts.

When Takako then pulls out her jack knife, Niida then runs toward the forest, up a small hill, and away from her, but she manages to catch up and gashes his back with her switch blade. He and Chigusa then fall to the ground, he desperately tries to pull the weapon away from her, but ends up falling down the hill. He then lets go of the blade and tries to run away again. Chigusa then grabs his Survival bag, jumps on his back and stabs him. The two fall to the ground, where Takako then gets on top of him and stabs him twice in the groin. He frantically tries to push her off of him but Takako stabs him twice in the stomach, killing him.

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