Character Information
Niida Manga
Kazushi Niida
Position: 25th
Kills: 1 (Yoshio Akamatsu)
Killed by: Takako Chigusa
Cause of Death: Impaled
Death Location and Time: H-4 (Before 12pm, Day 1)
Chapter Death: 26: Bond
Assigned Weapon: Shamisen Banjo

Basic Info

Kazushi Niida (新井田 和志 Niida Kazushi) is a character in the manga Battle Royale. Niida has B-type blood


Kazushi Niida is one of the class of third-year students at the fictional Shiroiwa Junior High School in the fictional town of Kagawa. Kazushi is a tall boy, with broad shoulders and long hair. He played on the football (soccer) team as a forward, and got reasonably good grades, but he still felt the need to try and impress people, which often resulted in him coming across as arrogant. He is shown as a self-absorbed killer in the manga. He had a crush on Takako Chigusa; during the 7th grade (the first year of junior high school), when rumours appeared that they were a couple, he did nothing to dispel them, even though they were false. Takako strongly disliked Kazushi, who remained as her classmate into the 9th grade.Kazushi often hung out with the other jocks like Tadakatsu Hatagami.

In the Program

When Kazushi first leaves the school, he sees Mayumi Tendo's corpse and Yoshio Akamatsu's unconscious form. He picks up Yoshio's bowgun (better than his own weapon a shamisen banjo), and when Yoshio wakes up and attacks him, Kazushi shoots and kills Yoshio with it. Taking both the bowgun and Mayumi's daypack, Kazushi disappears into the woods. In the novel Kazushi finds a set of nunchaku inside Mayumi's daypack and uses it later on. When Kazushi finds Yoshio and Mayumi's corpses outside of the school, he comes out with "Should'a at least fucked her first." He takes the weapons and exclaims he's going to be a star - "Going to get me all I can, Man-Tits! Blood and booty!" and refers to himself as "Niida, stone-cold killer". Later on, Kazushi comes across Takako Chigusa, and asks her to join him. He also propositions her, saying that they are both going to die, so she ought to have sex once beforehand. Chigusa sticks her finger into his eye and, while he lies on the ground, she crushes one of his testicles by stomping on them. She then tells him, "You're down to one eye and one nut. How much more do you want to gamble?", to which he responds that it is long past the time he could walk away and then turns around to attack her. She trips him and impales him through the mouth with an arrow. Also, Niida is portrayed as somewhat sadistic and perverted in the manga only.

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