Battle Royale


Kazushi Niida (新井田 和志, Niida Kazushi) was a jock who was a forward on the soccer team; he was very fast and fit. He was arrogant and a show-off. He didn't put much effort into his work but he got above average grades. He always tried to impress others and in his first year he made a up rumor that he was going out with Takako Chigusa, though she resented him because of this. Kazushi always made excuses for his actions, which annoyed Takako. He viewed women as belongings and below men.


Kazushi had wide shoulders and relatively tall and well built. He had smooth long hair, which was the current fashion for soccer players. He was described as having bad teeth, which was his one physical flaw.

Friends and Enemies

Kazushi was friends with Tadakatsu Hatagami and Tatsumichi Oki and were introduced to the reader as a group while sitting together on the bus. Together, they were considered jocks. He had an obsession with Takako Chigusa though she hated him because of the rumor and his personality.

In the Program

When Kazushi first leaves the school, he sees Mayumi Tendo's corpse and Yoshio Akamatsu's unconscious form. He picks up Yoshio's bowgun (better than his own weapon, a shamisen banjo), and when Yoshio wakes up, he is shocked and accidentally pulls the trigger to the crossbow, killing Yoshio. Taking both the crossbow and Mayumi's daypack, Kazushi disappears into the woods. Kazushi finds a set of nunchaku inside Mayumi's daypack and uses it later on. Kazushi comes across Takako Chigusa, and asks her to join him. He also propositions her, saying that they are both going to die, so she ought to have sex once beforehand. When she refuses in disgust, he threatens her with the crossbow, then he threatens to rape her. During the argument, Takako tries to run away, only to have Kazushi shoot her in the leg. After a very long, drawn-out battle, during which both get injured, Takako manages to stop Kazushi by gouging out his eyes with her thumbs. She also smashes one of his testicles by stepping on them with the heel of her shoe. She then kicks him repeatedly, and stabs her ice pick into his mouth and down his throat, killing him.


  • The name Kazushi means "peace, harmony" (和) (kazu) and "purpose, will, ambition" (志) (shi)
  • Kazushi's surname Niida means "new" (新) (niii), "well, town" (井) (i) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (da)