Battle Royale

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Keiko Onuki (大貫 慶子, Ōnuki Keiko) is a minor yet important character in Battle Royale.


Nothing is known of Keiko's backstory, except that she was a student in Class 3-C at Kobe Junior High School, the same as Shogo Kawada. She was a participant in the Program that took place 3 years prior to that which the film is centered around. She and Shogo had been dating for some time prior to their participation in the program.

The Program[]

Her only known performance in The BR Program was that she survived for the first two days by staying with Shogo , who protected her (He apparently went as far as killing his best friend to keep her safe).

On the last day of the program in which she took part, she was one of two students left (the other, obviously, was Shogo). As time limit approached, both students heard their collars emitting an alarm, signaling that they only had seconds left before the collars would explode and kill them. Upon realizing this, Shogo and Keiko look into each other's eyes before hugging.


Keiko upon realizing her collar is about to explode.

Before the collars can explode, she pulls out a handgun and shoots Shogo in the stomach. However, this shot fails to kill him and he rolls down a slope before impulsively turning and shooting her twice. She rolls down the slope, and lands near Shogo. Shogo crawls to her and attempts to revive her. She briefly awakens, smiles at Shogo, says "Thank You" and dies in his arms.

This ends this game, with Shogo as the winner, and Keiko in 2nd place. The names and positions of the other students are unknown.


  • The name Keiko means "congratulate, celebrate" (慶) (kei) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Keiko's surname Onuki means "big, great" (大) (o) and "pierce, 8 1/3lbs, penetrate, brace" (貫) (nuki).


Shogo's Photograph

Shogo's photograph.

  • Shogo keeps a photograph of taken of himself and her in his wallet.
  • At the beginning of the game in the film, Shogo vows to find out what her last smile meant to him. In the end, thanks to Noriko Nakagawa, he eventually does find out what the smile meant. He has also continued to ponder her last words since she died.
  • It's implied that Keiko shot Shogo to make him kill her, since she makes no attempts to shoot him again.