Battle Royale

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Keita Iijima (飯島 敬太, Iijima Keita) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Keita was known for being a coward among his classmates, he would puke if something really disturbed him. Keita enjoyed video games and anime but he wasn't really thought of as being an otaku.

Friends and Enemies[]

Keita was friends with Yoshio Akamatsu, Yuichiro Takiguchi, and Yutaka Seto, although none of them could be considered his best friend. In the past, he was friends with Shinji Mimura but they had a falling out after he lost to Shinji in an arcade game, and as a result, had to buy drinks. While getting drinks, Shinji gets into a fight with a pair of hoods. During the fight, Keita returns, but, being a sore loser, refuses to help Shinji. However, Keita was also seen as a wuss and may simply have been afraid. Shinji notices this and walks out on Keita, leaving his trust for him behind.

In the Program[]

Keita received a kitchen knife as his designated weapon, but knew that he would probably not be able to use it if attacked. Up until around midnight of the next day, Keita remained alone and scared. He hid nearby some boats until he saw a flash of light. [1] He decided to see what was going on and found Shinji and Yutaka carrying some supplies. [2]

Keita is happy to see them and so is Yutaka, however Shinji doesn't say anything and aims his gun at Keita's face, telling him to get lost. [3] Keita is hurt and confused as he tells them that he doesn't mean any harm and even drops his knife to show that he can be trusted. This works for Yutaka but Shinji knows better and tells him that he knows Keita cannot be trusted. Keita asks if it has anything to do with the arcade incident and still claims that it was the line that made him too late to help out. Shinji explains that perhaps under less dangerous circumstances he would allow Keita along but it's just too risky.

Upset and angry, Keita lashes out at Yutaka and tells Shinji that Yutaka is useless and he is of much better use than Yutaka would be. Although this only confirms what Shinji meant and they try to leave. Keita follows after them and Shinji fires a warning shot. It misses him and Keita starts to freak out as he doesn't want to be alone again and be killed. He then rushes after them while screaming that he won't let them leave him alone and Shinji fires again but because of the momentum of his bag in his arm due to the quick movement, he misses and shoots Keita in the face, killing his former friend. [4]


  • The name Keita means "respect, honor" (敬) (kei) and "big, great" (太) (ta)
  • Keita's surname Iijima means "meal, rice" (飯) (ii) and "island" (島) (jima)



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