Battle Royale

Kengo Yonai (米内 健吾, Yonai Kengo) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Kengo is a previous BR winner, skilled in the use of knives and bayonets, and joined Wild Seven to fight against the Japanese government. He acts vicious and dangerous, but is kind and gentle to his friends.

During the Program[]

Kengo fired at the students until Saki Sakurai notices that they were wearing explosive collars. When the ATAT raided the island, Kengo chose to fight to buy the children and surviving students time to escape. During the battle, Kengo survived an explosion that killed the others he was with and retaliated by tossing multiple grenades at the soldiers. Eventually he was overwhelmed and gunned down.


  • The name Kengo means "health, persistence" (健) (ken) and "my, our" (吾) (go)
  • Kengo's surname Yonai means "rice, meter" (米) (yo) and "inside, house" (内) (nai)