Character Information
Performance(Class 3-B in Kobe)
Position: 2nd
Kills: Unknown
Killed by:Shogo Kawada
Cause of Death:Shot
Assigned Weapon: Unknown


This student's background was unknown.

Class 3-B ProgramEdit

This girl managed to get to the final part of the program. Based on how she appeared at this point, the girl used her sexuality to her advantage, like Mitsuko, and at one point, someone managed to injure her forehead. She eventually tracked down Shogo Kawada and Keiko Onuki who were discussing how many people Shogo killed and she aimed her gun at Shogo from behind. Keiko noticed her and aimed her gun, willing to shoot her to save Shogo. Shogo didn't realize what was happening and fired a bullet at Keiko's head as he had gotten so used to killing, that it happened without him realizing it.

The girl taunts him as Shogo turns around and shoots her in the stomach, killing her.

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