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Character Information
Kyoichi Motobuchi
Kills: 0
Killed by:Shogo Kawada
Cause of Death:Shot
Assigned Weapon:Smith & Wesson Chief's Special .38
Actor: Ryou Nitta


Friends and EnemiesEdit

None is known about Kyoichi's friends or enemies. In the beginning of the film, he does brawl with Kuninobu.

In the ProgramEdit


Kyoichi, moments before his death, after being shot by Shogo twice.

During the video, Kyoichi gets into a brawl with Kuninobu which results in Kuninobu's death. He then asks Kitano whether or not he can go home if he wins, which Kitano responds to with a monotone, "Yes, but only if everyone else is dead."

Motobuchi encounters Shuya and Noriko when Shuya freaks out following the death of Tatsumichi Oki. Kyoichi shoots at the pair, but misses. He then starts mumbling about math and says he'll win and go to a good school. He tries to shoot them again, and again his shots soar wide.  Suddenly, he is shot in the arm by Kawada, who points his gun threateningly.  Motobuchi flies into a rage, attempting to run at Kawada, but the transfer student guns him down with a single shotgun blast to the stomach. Kawada then takes his gun.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Though Kuninobu died by Kitano's collar remote, Kyoichi indirectly caused Kuninobu's death as Kyoichi and an infuriated Kuninobu wrestled while Kitano was trying to quiet the students.
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