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Kyoichi Motobuchi (元渕 恭一, Motobuchi Kyōichi) was the son of a man who was the director of environmental affairs in the prefectural government. Kyoichi, possibly in order to live up to his father, would study so hard that he barely had time for friends or sleep. He was also the male class representative. Kyoichi had the second best grades in his class and he was quite selfish and thought himself more important than the rest of his class because of who his father is.


Kyoichi always had hair neatly parted at a 7:3 ratio. He also wore silver-framed glasses.

Friends and Enemies[]

Due to him spending so much time studying, Kyoichi didn't have time for friends or enemies, although he might have felt a rivalry with Kazuo Kiriyama since he was considered the smartest person in Class-B.

In the Program[]

Kyoichi was shocked that his class was chosen to fight to the death considering his father's position. He got up from his chair and said in a shrill voice "That can't be." Kinpatsu Sakamochi replied that they were all equal and no one was special. This made Kyoichi fall back into his seat and he remained quiet.

After he left the school, Kyoichi would wander around the island, going insane at the thought of what was going to happen. He would later witness the brief fight and death of Tatsumichi Oki. Kyoichi went over and then pointed his gun at Shuya Nanahara. Their eyes met and at this point, Kyoichi didn't look human anymore as his eyes were bloodshot and wide open. Kyoichi took one shot at Shuya but missed. Shuya tried to retreat but there was no hope as Kyoichi was only a few meters away. He now pointed the gun at Shuya's chest until he heard a voice telling him to stop. Kyoichi turned around to see Shogo Kawada. Kyoichi took a shot at Shogo who ducked and fired back at Kyoichi's right arm.

Kyoichi lost his arm and screamed like an animal. He then tried to pry the gun loose from his lost hand and Shogo tried to get him to stop but the gun was once again pointed at him. Having no chance, Shogo shot at him again and sent Kyoichi's body backwards and he was laying on the ground face up. Shogo had shot Kyoichi in the stomach, which was described as looking like a trash bin in a sausage factory.


  • The name Kyoichi means "respect" (恭) (Kyō) and "one" (一) (ichi)
  • Kyoichi's surname Motobuchi means "beginning" (元) (moto) and "edge" (渕) (buchi)

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Kyoichi was Shogo Kawada's first and only kill in the novel.
  • Kyoichi was the only male student mentioned to wear glasses.
  • Kyoichi was the only student to have a limb dismembered in the program, as he lost his right arm from a shotgun blast from Shogo.