Battle Royale

Limits is the eighty-second chapter of Battle Royale.


Noriko Nakagawa spots the smoke from Hiroki Sugimura's fire and points it out, and Shogo Kawada begins emitting the birdcall every fifteen seconds, as they had agreed. Kayoko Kotohiki is saddened to hear of Takako Chigusa's fate, and questions why Hiroki didn't stick with Shuya Nanahara, to which Hiroki says there was someone he needed to find; Kayoko demands to know who it is, but assumes that person had died when Hiroki hesitates to answer, and apologizes for being insensitive.

Kayoko expresses confidence that they'll be fine as they can watch each other's back, but Hiroki admits that he's just good at hiding his weaknesses. To explain what he means, he talks about a gym teacher everyone hated, Kenichiro Sakaguchi. Kenichiro called him out in the middle of class; Kayoko assumes Hiroki won, but since Judo doesn't use punches or kicks, he was defeated soundly, and even after he tapped, Kenichiro severely constricted his windpipe. Shuya attempts to attack Kenichiro and was thrown out. After a brief discussion about how Hiroki trusts Shuya's judgment and Kayoko feels like the luckiest girl on the island, Hiroki gets back to his story. Kenichiro calls out Shinji Mimura, and also soundly defeats him. During the round, Shinji manages to snatch Kenichiro's drawstring, pantsing and humiliating him.

After sharing a launch, the couple express sadness over their lost friends, and Hiroki talks about how Mitsuko Souma and Kazuo Kiriyama are both actively playing. Hiroki talks about how he's more afraid of Kazuo; Kenichiro calls out Kazuo, who had spent the entire period reading. He passes the book to Ryuhei Sasagawa, revealing it to be a Judo introduction book, and prepares to face Kenichiro.