Battle Royale

Magic is the ninety-eight chapter of Battle Royale.


Mitsuko Souma yells for Kazuo Kiriyama to "lie" that he "cares and will never leave". Instead, he shoots her again, knocking her into the bird bath. Mitsuko questions why it 'always hurts'. She remembers the last thing her father said to her and leaps out of the bird bath, crawling over to her purse and pulling out a Magic Emily ring. She puts it on her finger and deliriously rambles about how her 'real daddy's love doesn't hurt' and he didn't leave.

In a flashback, it's shown that Mr. Souma bought the ring from another girl. In the present, Kazuo shoots Mitsuko's hand, blowing her fingers off. In another flashback, Mr. Souma tries to explain to his daughter that he has to leave because he angered some bad people and she and her mother will be in danger if he stays. To make Mitsuko feel better, he gives her the Magic Emily ring, telling her that as long as she has it, he'll always be with her.

Back in the present, Mitsuko presents her ring, and wails that her father never left and she can "feel" him. Kazuo puts his gun to her face, but suddenly lowers his gun. Mitsuko asks him if he can "feel daddy".