Battle Royale

Maho Nosaka (野坂 真帆, Nosaka Maho) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Maho learned aikido when she was young. She had a stubborn and temperamental attitude. She hung out with Yasuaki Hosaka, whom she pushed around.

Before the Program[]

Maho holds Masami Shibaki when Riki Takeuchi points his knife at him. Riki grabs Masami while Maho crawls away. After Kazumi Fukuda's collar detonated, she, Hosaka, Tatsuhiko Hasegawa, Ayane Yagi, Kiyoshi Minamoto, Shiho Matsuki, and Tetsuya Shimura are splashed by her blood.

During the Program[]

Maho survives the initial landing mission as well as the ammo retrieval mission, and is one of the few to actually attempt to fight Wild Seven. She survives the mine trap with Squad B, and makes her way to the main base. As the students file in, several explosions are triggered and Maho, Yasuaki and a few others are knocked into the water. Maho, enraged by all the death and carnage, yells to Shuya Nanahara that he has to die so everything can end. Shota Hikasa tries to get Yasuaki up but Maho pulls him away. A standoff ensues between the Wild Seven and the students while Ryo Kurosawa argues with a young boy named Toki about who is to blame for their suffering. Ryo yells at the Wild Seven, saying they are the reason that their families are dead. Maho, hot-headed as ever, fires into the Wild Seven's ranks, killing Toki and sparking a brutal gunfight. She fires off shot after shot, but she is eventually gunned down; Yasuaki, Jun Nanami, Naoki Jo, Shota, and Ryo are also killed, and their deaths cause Shiori Kitano's, Risa Shindo's, Mayu Hasuda's and Yuko Natsukawa's collars to activate. Yuko's collar detonates, killing her, but the other girls are saved when Maki Souda activates the EMB, disabling the collars.


  • The name Maho means "full sail" (真帆).
  • Maho's surname Nosaka means "field, wilderness" (野) (no) and "slope, hill" (坂) (saka).


  • Maho is one of two female students shown firing her weapon. The other is Shiori Kitano.