Character Information
Maho Nosaka
Kills:Toki (Wild Seven member)
Killed by:Wild Seven
Cause of Death:Shot
Actress: Asuka Ishii

Female Student # 12: Maho Nosaka is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Maho learned aikido when she was young. She was stubborn and temperamental. She also hanged out with Yasuaki Hosaka and pushed him around.

In the programEdit

Maho Nosaka survives the initial landing mission as well as the ammo retrival mission, and is one of the few to actually attempt to fight the Wild Seven.  She survives the mine trap with Jo's group, and makes her way to the Wild Seven's main base.  As the students file in, several explosions are triggered and Maho, along with her friend Yasuaki Hosaka and a few others, are knocked into the water.  A standoff ensues between the Wild Seven and the students while Ryo Kurosawa argues with a young boy about who is to blame for their suffering.  Kurosawa yells at the Wild Seven, saying they are the reason that their families are dead.  Maho, hot-headed as ever, fires into the Wild Seven's ranks, killing one member and sparking a brutal gunfight.  She tells Hosaka not to run, and as she fires off shot after shot, she and Hosaka are killed by gunfire.  Her brashness results in the deaths of Hosaka, Nanami, Jo, and Kurosawa, and their deaths activate Yuko Natsukawa's collar.  The other activated collars are deactivated by the Wild Seven when they fire their EMP device.

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