Battle Royale

Maki Souda (須田 真紀, Souda Maki) is a supporting character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Maki was a previous winner of Battle Royale by winning in a very smart way. As the time limit was almost up with more than one student alive, all the collars would explode very soon. So Maki used her technical skills to trick out her collar with her issued weapon, a pair of tweezers. Using the tweezers, she ripped out a wire five seconds before all the collars detonated, leaving her the only student alive. When she went to the classroom to go back home as the winner of the Battle Royale, her teacher accused her of cheating and in return, she shot her teacher, and like others ran away and was found by Shuya. After reuniting with her parents Shuya told them what happened and her parents and herself joined the Wild Seven. Maki took their places after her parents were murdered as the technical wizard of the Wild Seven and helping Shuya and Kengo Yonai recruit past Battle Royale winners by hacking in the government's files of the all the current and recent winners to help them with their war against adults who made them murder each other. Maki is also Shuya's last line of defense.

During the Program[]

When the students are in the Wild Seven's base, a few are killed as they refuse to put down their guns. As the collars of those with dead partners are about to detonate, Shuya commands Maki to power up the EMB that overrides the system and disables the collars although she was too late to save Yuko Natsukawa. Maki detaches the collars of the remaining students, but is noticeably irritated and snippy, likely still mad at the students for killing Toki and causing them to waste the EMB.

When the government sends the army to kill everyone on the island, the surviving students and children escape the soldiers while everyone else stays and gets ready to fight. Maki is the second to last to die, pleading for Shuya to escape. Shuya finally leaves, leaving Saki Sakurai and Maki as the last members of the Wild Seven to face the thousands of soldiers almost breaking all the way through the room. Maki feels her wounds, sees blood on her hand and looks at Saki with a sad look when the ATAT Leader shoots her. As she dies, Saki screams Maki's name in despair and sorrow.


  • The name Maki means "true, reality" (真) (ma), and "chronicle, narrative" (紀) (ki)
  • Maki's surname Souda means "ought, necessarily" (須) (sou), and "field, rice paddy" (田) (da)