Manga makoto
Girl #16 Makoto Hashimoto is the main character of the manga Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale.


Makoto is a very unlucky girl.She fears that her class could be selected to take part of "Battle Royale",where the students must fight until only one is left.Her father died when she was a little kid,and since it,she lived with her mother.Her best friend is her classmate Itou Yamamoto.Makoto have a crush on a boy of her class named Noruma.She is kinda shy.

In the Program Edit

During the school trip,Makoto and her classmates are taken by soldiers to an abandoned school.They are divided into small groups.Makoto's group (her,Itou,Daichi and Minami) is taken to a beach full of corpses,that are actually corpses of the students that died in the Program.They must get rid of the corpses.Makoto became very scared.After they do it,they are taken back to the school,and a soldier says that they can take a shower,making the students happy.When Makoto turn on the shower,comes out a kind of smoke,that made all the students fall asleep.They Wake up later in a room,all of them wearing military uniforms and metal collars.Their teacher appears and tell them that they can come back to home If they pass an exam.Also,the teachers says that the collars that they are wearing will explode If they try to escape,and is revealed that the teacher is also wearing a collar.During the first test,when a soldier hits Minami and is about to kill him,Makoto appears and stays in front of him.The soldier then says that the Program don't need two losers,and points the gun to them.However,a mysterious person shoots in the soldier,killing him.

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