Battle Royale

Masakatsu Taguchi (田口 正勝, Taguchi Masakatsu) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Masakatsu was a big fan of baseball that got along with Rena Niimi.

Before the Program[]

During the Program[]

Masakatsu wandered off into an area where he stepped on a landmine, blowing his legs off. When Squad B off to see what caused the explosion, Masakatsu called for help and then to Yasuaki Hosaka when he saw him. Masakatsu died shortly afterwards, and because of his death, Honami Totsuka's collar detonated, killing her because of the new rule. After Honami's death, Masakatsu's dead body fell on the mines causing them to explode killing Tatsuhiko Hasegawa, Rena Niimi, Kenji Maezono, and Ryoko Hata.


  • The name Masakatsu means "correct, justice" (正) (masa) and "victory, excel" (勝) (katsu)
  • Masakatsu's surname Taguchi means "field" (田) (ta) and "mouth, entrance" (口) (guchi)