Battle Royale

Masami Shibaki (柴木 雅実, Shibaki Masami) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Masami was on the rugby team. He had recently transferred from Kansai, and was feeling left out and alone until he was befriended by Takuma Aoi and his friends.

Friends and Enemies[]

He is friends with Takuma and possibly friends with Shugo Urabe and Shintaro Makimura.

Before the Program[]

After Riki Takeuchi listed all the countries America had bombed in the previous sixty years, Masami attempted to kill him by throwing a switchblade at him but missed, to which a nearby soldier responded by grabbing him and tossing him over her shoulder, stunning him. Riki then ripped the knife out of the chalkboard and pointed it threateningly at Masami, before returning it and telling him to keep an eye on his weapons.

During the Program[]

Masami survived up until surrendering to Wild Seven. When he, the surviving students, and the children were escaping through underground tunnels, he volunteered with Osamu Kasai and Takuma to return and fight with Wild Seven. He was shot and his final words were to Takuma, saying he was happy to have made friends.


  • The name Masami means "elegant, refined" (雅) (masa) and "reality, truth" (実) (mi)
  • Masami's surname Shibaki means "brush" (柴) (shiba) and "tree, wood" (木) (ki)