Character Information

Masami Shibaki

Killed by:ATAT Soliders
Cause of Death:Shot
Actor: Ryoji Fujihira

Male Student # 6: Masami Shibaki is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Masami was a rugby player. He recently transferred from Kansai, and was feeling left out and alone until he was befriended by Aoi and his friends.

Friends and enemiesEdit

He is friends with Takuma Aoi and others.

In the programEdit

Masami had survived up until surrendering to Wild Seven. When he, the surviving students, and Wild Seven woman and children were escaping through underground tunnels, he volunteered with Osamu Kasai and Tokuma Aoi to return and fight with Wild Seven. He was shot and his final words were to Tokuma, saying he was happy to have made friends.

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