Battle Royale

Masao Hayashida (林田 昌朗, Hayashida Masao) was the teacher of Third Year Class 3-B in the novel, manga, and film.


Hayashida was murdered by Kinpatsu Sakamochi's soldiers when he protested his class being selected for the program; his corpse was kept in a body bag and allowed to decay to such an extent it was almost unrecognizable and gave off a foul odor.

Sakamochi then revealed his corpse in a body bag to the horrified class when they were on Okashima Island which greatly terrified the students and caused some to even vomit.


Hayashida was murdered by Yonemi Kamon's soldiers when he protested the students being selected for the program. He was shot in the side of the head, which was torn off causing his left eyeball to hang out of the socket.

When the students went silent after being briefed on the program by Kamon, he had Hayashida's corpse brought in a body bag as a "visual aid". The students were terrified with Keita Iijima even vomiting.


Hayashida was hired to teach Class B after Kitano resigned; he attended the basketball game against Class A, and celebrated when Class B won. When the class was on the bus heading to the class trip, Hayashida was sitting at the back and playing patty-cake with Yukie Utsumi, Satomi Noda, Haruka Tanizawa, and a few other girls; he got distracted when the bus passed some soldiers, which frustrated the girls. When he learned his class was selected for the program, Hayashida protested and was killed by the soldiers. Kitano later brought his corpse out to show the class which terrified them and used him as an example of a failure adult the students should avoid becoming.


  • The name Masao means "prosper" (昌) (masa) and "bright" (朗) (o)
  • Masao's surname Hayashida means "forest" (林) (hayashi) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (da)