Character Information
Mayumi Tendo
Kills: 0
Killed by:Yoshio Akamatsu
Cause of Death:Shot
Death Location and Time: D-6 (Pre-dawn, Day 1)
Assigned Weapon:Boxing gloves
Actress:Haruka Nomiyama


Not much is known about Mayumi Tendo. She may have been mean-spirited, since she, Fumiyo and Yoshimi locked Noriko Nakagawa in a restroom stall that had insulting things written on a wall about her.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Mayumi may have been friends with Fumiyo Fujiyoshi and Yoshimi Yahagi. It can be assumed she was on bad terms with students she bullied, such as Noriko Nakagawa. Her relationship with the rest of the class is unknown, although it is possible she could have been friendly with Mitsuko Souma's group, due to her connection with Yoshimi. However, she was on good terms with most of the boys such as Shuya Nanahara and Kazushi Niida.

In the ProgramEdit


Mayumi, dead, after she is shot by arrows in her neck and knee.

Mayumi is the unfortunate student that finds herself victim to Yoshio Akamatsu after he decides to snipe at students leaving the school from a hill overlooking the building(it seems that when she got out from the building Yoshio shoots an arrow through her neck and panicked). Mayumi seems to wander around in search of another student and comes across Shuya Nanahara, asking him what was in her neck. Another arrow fired at Shuya misses and finds Mayumi's knee as she dies.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Mayumi is the first to die during the actual program and thus the first to be murdered by a fellow student.
  • The film is the only version of Mayumi to say something.
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