Battle Royale

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Mayumi? Who... who could...

Shuya Nanahara, after discovering Mayumi's corpse.

Mayumi Tendo (天堂 真弓, Tendō Mayumi) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Not much was known about Mayumi other than she helped set up a dance for the school with Yukie Utsumi and several other girls from her class.[1]

Friends and Enemies[]

It is unknown how close Mayumi was to her classmates as she wasn't shown being in any group. However, it was known that she was one good terms with Shuya Nanahara and Yukie Utsumi, as well as other girls in the class.

The only known person who disliked her was Toshinori Oda, although he didn't like anyone in his class so his exact reason for liking her, other than she tried to be better despite her status, was unknown.[2]

In the Program[]

Mayumi death

Shuya discovering Mayumi's body.

After Yoshio Akamatsu decides to snipe at students from the roof of the school, Mayumi happens to be the next student out of the school. Yoshio shoots her through the side of the face, killing her instantly. Shuya Nanahara grieves her as he exits the building, and many of the others feel bad for her as well. [3]



  • The name Mayumi means "real, genuine" (真) (ma) and "archery bow" (弓) (yumi).
  • Mayumi's surname Tendo means "heaven, paradise" (天堂).

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