Battle Royale

For the manga, please go to Mayumi Tendo (Manga). For the film, please go to Mayumi Tendo (Film).


Mayumi Tendo (天堂 真弓, Tendō Mayumi) was rumored to have partaken in "telephone dating", which caused some to regard her as a slut. Hirono Shimizu knew that Mayumi appeared prim and proper but participated in the dating.


Mayumi wore her hair in a single, lobster-shaped, braided ponytail tied with a wide ribbon.

Friends and Enemies[]

It is unknown who Mayumi was friends with. However, most of the students who see Mayumi's corpse are shocked and sad, revealing that she was on good terms with almost all of the class. It is assumed that she is enemies with Hirono, who knew of her secret.

In the Program[]

After Yoshio Akamatsu decided to snipe at students from the roof of the school, Mayumi happens to be the next student out of the school. Yoshio shoots her in the back with an arrow from his crossbow. Shuya Nanahara mourns her when he comes out of the school before he notices Yoshio. Later on, many of the students mention both Mayumi's and Yoshio's deaths, while they feel sorry for them; the sight of the two bodies also increases their paranoia about their classmates.


  • The name Mayumi means "real, genuine" (真) (ma) and "archery bow" (弓) (yumi).
  • Mayumi's surname Tendo means "heaven, paradise" (天堂).

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Mayumi is the first to die during the actual program, thus she is the first to be murdered by a fellow student. She was the third student to be killed overall.
  • Mayumi is provided with the most minimal backstory and there is little known about her. However, in the movie version of Battle Royale, she is provided more background information than fellow students Yumiko Kusaka, Yukiko Kitano, and Fumiyo Fujiyoshi.