Character Information
Megumi Eto
Position: 29th
Kills: 0
Killed by: Mitsuko Souma
Cause of Death: Throat slit
Death Location and Time: B-4 (Pre-dawn, Day 1)
Assigned Weapon: Stun Gun
Actress: Sayaka Ikeda


Not much was known about Megumi's background other than her hobby, which was taking photographs with her Polaroid camera; Megumi took several photographs of Shinji and herself. In addition, she takes a photograph of Shuya, Noriko, and Yoshitoki Kuninobu on the bus right before the program begins. Megumi was a very cute and playful girl who cared deeply for her best friend and crush. Megumi's only known flaw was that she was too trusting of people.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Megumi is best friends with Noriko Nakagawa and Megumi also has a crush on Shinji Mimura. She didn't get along with Mitsuko Souma's clique in general as Mitsuko's friends tend to bully her.

In the ProgramEdit


Megumi dead after having her throat slit by Mitsuko.

Megumi sits at the table with her supplied flashlight suspended from a string looking at photos of Shinji Mimura when the light attracts Mitsuko Souma. Megumi instantly turns off the light and pulls out her stun gun. Megumi then turns to face Mitsuko and demands to know who is there. Mitsuko responds "Oh, it's you, Megumi". Megumi then shouts "Who are you?" Mitsuko identifies herself by pointing her flashlight at her own face. When Megumi recognizes Mitsuko, Megumi tells her she can come in.

Mitsuko then sits down next to her and the two converse briefly. Mitsuko then lunges at Megumi and there is a short chase around the room. Megumi ends up with Mitsuko's kama sickle at her throat. Mitsuko then tells her that she found Yoji Kuramoto and Yoshimi Yahagi dead next door (they both committed suicide by hanging themselves). Mitsuko shouts "I'll never die like that," and finally slashes the kama sickle across Megumi's throat, slicing it open, instantly killing her as blood sprays uncontrollably.

Noriko became distraught upon hearing from Kitano's report that Megumi, her best friend, is gone.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The film Megumi is the only version that doesn't doubt Mitsuko from the start.
  • This is the only version of Megumi that shows her interacting with other characters. Unlike the manga and book in this version she is seen friendly interacting with Shuya, Nobu, and Noriko (Her best friend). In the manga and book however we don't see her interacting with these characters or even mentioning them.
  • Moments before Mitsuko finds Megumi, she is seen looking at all the photo's she took of the students on the bus ride to the island. A lot of the pictures consist of Shinji Mimura, while looking at them she calls Mimura's name in a longing voice, hinting she may have a crush. Mitsuko also teases her about it moments before her attack (When Megumi still thought Mitsuko as a friend). But she pulls them away, but their relationship is never mentioned again.
  • In the film Megumi has a crush on Shinji Mimura, but in the novel she has a crush on Shuya.
  • She is the first one to get killed by Mitsuko Souma.
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