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Megumi Eto (江藤 惠, Etō Megumi) comes from a normal home and believes her parents to be overprotective, as they gave her a cellphone to take with her on the trip in case of an emergency. As shown in the program, she trusts people quite easily as long as they don't present themselves as a threat.

When Megumi was a child she heard a story about a ghost ship called Mary Celeste whose crew vanished into thin air. She draws a connection to this story on her first night when residing in one of the houses on Okishima.


Megumi has shortish hair and is one of the more petite girls in the class. Mitsuko Souma is taller than her, as are most people. She resembles Kayoko Kotohiki and Yuko Sakaki slightly.

Friends and Enemies

Mizuho Inada and Kaori Minami are her closest friends. She has a crush on Shuya Nanahara and expresses a strong interest in his music. Megumi was often bullied by Hirono Shimizu, as Hirono would often trip Megumi or slash her skirt with a razor in the hallway when they became classmates in their second year of junior high. Before the program, Hirono lost interest in Megumi, who was disappointed about the fact that Hirono stayed in her class for the third year.

In the Program

After leaving the school, the terrified Megumi hides inside one of the houses. She thinks about her friends and how she wishes that Shuya was with her. She regrets the fact that she never confessed how she felt and thinks of the various ways she could have told him, including through a letter or a phone call. This makes her remember that she has her mobile phone with her. In the classroom, Kinpatsu Sakamochi told the students that the phone lines were down, but Megumi believes that she might be able to get through to her parents. She dial's her home phone number, and when a male voice answers, she assumes it was her father and begins to cry for help. Sakamochi reveals himself as the voice on the phone and tells her that trying to call home won't work.

Soon afterwards, Megumi hears someone else enter the house, so she hides underneath a table in the kitchen. She is terrified when she realizes that the person who appears is Mitsuko Souma, because she knows Mitsuko has a bad reputation and is friends with Hirono, who bullied Megumi. She starts to think that maybe she can kill Mitsuko with her assigned weapon, but then her phone rings and gives away her position. When she tries to end the call, she accidentally answers it. The caller is Sakamochi, warning her to turn her phone off in case it attracts unwanted attention.

By the time Megumi ends the call, Mitsuko approaches her. Mitsuko tells Megumi that she is scared too and wants to team up with her. Megumi is relieved and hugs Mitsuko and then confesses to her that she was thinking about killing her, and is apologetic for that. Mitsuko instantly forgives her which causes Megumi to think of how their teacher, Masao Hayashida, always encouraged his students not to judge someone based on their reputation. As she thinks about this, Mitsuko slits Megumi's throat with her kama sickle. Mitsuko had been acting the whole time and had intended to kill Megumi, which she tells the deceased girl.

Later, Hiroki Sugimura finds Megumi's corpse while searching for Kayoko and pays proper respects to her before fleeing the house, which at that point was about to become part of a forbidden zone.


  • The name Megumi means "blessing, grace, favor, kindness" (惠).
  • Megumi's surname Eto means "bay, inlet" (江) (e) and "wisteria" (藤) ().