Battle Royale

Message is the seventy-eight chapter of Battle Royale.


Shuya Nanahara sits among the bodies of his friends reading Shinji Mimura's notes. Looking on the back of his map, Shuya finds the instructions for Fumiyo's Revenge; realizing their plan, Shuya wonders why Keita Iijima was there, briefly wondering if he was with Kazuo Kiriyama.

Reading Yutaka Seto's notes, Shuya says that they all knew about his flaws, but didn't mind. Recalling what Shinji was like, Shuya yells that he can't go on as he was relying on Shinji. A nail falls out of Shinji's hand, and Shuya finds a message on the tractor: Take the Shot. Recalling what Shinji told him about doing right by Noriko, Shuya regains his resolve.

Noriko Nakagawa awakens to see Shuya standing in front of her, and he jokes about how much his ears stick out on her drawing of him. Overcome with relief, she hugs him.