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Miki Ikeda

Killed by:Collar
Cause of Death:Collar Detonated
Actor:Akio Moriuchi

Female Student #2 Miki Ikeda is a character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Miki was bullied at her old school, so she started boycotting school; she eventually transferred to Shikanotoride. She was nice and was looked after by her classmates. She would chat with Rena and Ryoko about idols and anime. Though kind, she is shy and insecure.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Miki was best friends with Rena Niimi and Ryoko Hata.

In the ProgramEdit

When Miki's name is called she cries out and retreats towards Rena and Ryoko in fear. Takeuchi gives her the choice to fight or to die and so she reluctantly decided to participate. Upon their arrival on the island, Miki lost her gun in the water and was forced to continue unarmed. Later, while evading the Wild Seven snipers, Nao is hit and Shugo, her male partner, is seriously wounded trying to save her. While the rest of the group seek shelter to help him, Miki hides out in a warehouse that has since become a Danger Zone. As her collar begins to beep, Miki pees her pants in terror, earning her the nickname "Peeing girl" amongst many fans.

Her classmates called out to her and urged her to run towards them but Miki suddenly ran off into the other direction until her collar detonated.

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