Battle Royale

This article is for the character from Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale. For the character from Battle Royale II: Requiem, please go to Mitsugu Sakai.

Boy #3 Mitsugu Kawasaki (川崎 光次, Kawasaki Mitsugu) is a character in Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale.


Not much is known about him, but he was probably the class president.

In the Program[]

Mitsugu stays in the same group as Megumi Ozaki, Yoji Nakano, and Hitomi Sakura.

During the first test, Mitsugu thinks that the threat of the collars exploding is a joke; so he tries to shoot at one of the soldiers. After he attempts to do so, said soldier presses a detonator and Mitsugu's collar is detonated. He survives, but bleeds out after his classmates try to save him in vain.


  • The name Mitsugu means "ray, light" (光) (mitsu) and "next, order" (次) (gu)
  • Mitsugu's surname Kawasaki means "stream, river" (川) (kawa) and "cape, spit" (崎) (saki)


  • Mitsugu is the first person of his class to die.