Battle Royale
Be strong, Mitsuko. If you're not strong, you'll end up just like me.

–Mitsuko Souma's Mother, giving advice to her daughter.

Ms. Souma )real name unknown) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Ms. Souma was the mother of Mitsuko Souma. It is assumed that she has sex with men for money but eventually she met a man who wanted her young daughter. Seeking to earn more money, she agreed to pimp Mitsuko out after she was out of school. She then proceeded to get drunk, possibly out of guilt for pimping her underage daughter.

When Mitsuko arrived home, she thought her mother was sick and tried to get away from the pedophile. Ms. Souma told her daughter to be strong and not like her. Moments later she heard a loud noise and to her shock, she saw that Mitsuko had pushed the man downstairs, killing him.

What happened afterwards between the mother and daughter is unknown, but it did change the way Mitsuko viewed things and she was never the same. Ms. Souma's fate is unknown. She may have passed away from poor health sometime after Mitsuko killed the pedophile.