Battle Royale

Mrs. Souma is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Mrs. Souma was the mother of Mitsuko Souma. When she was with Mitsuko's father, they were a happy family but this changed when her husband did something that the government didn't like. In order to save his family, he left them.

For a while Mitsuko's mother tried to give her daughter a good home but there would be another big change when Mitsuko was seven years old. Her mother met a man who at first seemed nice and even gave Mitsuko a doll. This nice attitude quickly changed after he married her mother.

He would now beat his wife and sexually abuse Mitsuko; when she learned what was happening to her daughter, she didn't stop it and instead participated in the maltreatment. These actions damaged Mitsuko beyond repair and eventually she had a guy she was sleeping with break into their home and murder her mother and stepfather.