Character Information
Performance(Class 3-B in Kobe)
Position: 4th
Kills: Unknown
Killed by:Shogo Kawada
Cause of Death:Shot
Assigned Weapon: Unknown


There is little known about Nakata, except that he seemed to be very caring to Keiko.

Class 3-B ProgramEdit

Late during the program, Nakata ran into Keiko and decided to hold her at gunpoint with the arrival of Shogo. Nakata threatened to blow her brains out if Shogo didn't stay back. Shogo tried to calm him down but it was no use. Nakata revealed to the both of them that he was stalking Keiko and hated the sight of them together as Shogo would always make her cry. He thought that she deserved better than him and that from now on, he would take care of her.

Shogo pointed out that stalking and protecting didn't mean you held them at gunpoint. He called Nakata a rapist in training which set him off. Shogo then said that since there is only one winner, then that means they both will die. Shogo then tells him that popping the safety on his gun as if it isn't then there wouldn't be a fair fight. Nakata looks down at his gun and Shogo shoots him in the forehead as he knew that gun didn't have a safety and of all the people he killed, he didn't regret killing him.

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