Character Information

Naoki Jo

Killed by:Wild Seven
Cause of Death:Shot
Actor: Kenji Harada

Male Student # 8: Naoki Jo is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Naoki was the second-in-command of the Schwarz Katze. His mother died in the terrorist attacks, and he shared this bond with Kurosawa.

In the programEdit

Jo is one of the twenty-eight students to survive the landing mission, and during the beach advance, his group is seperated from Kurosawa's.  He, Jun Nanami, and the other few members of his group take part in the Ammo Retrival mission and are eventually caught in the forested mine field.  Although six of his group are killed in this area, he and Nanami, another member of Schwarz Katze, as well as a select few, survive to rendezvous with Kurosawa's group.  During the assault mission, the groups merge and attack the Wild Seven's HQ en masse.  Jo attacks the base with great vigor as the group of surviving students reaches the narrow entrance.  When the survivors file into the base, explosives are set off, which send Jo and some others into the water.  The Wild Seven appear, ambushing the group and telling them to disarm.  The majority of the group surrenders, with the exception of Kurosawa, Nanami, Jo, Maho Nosaka, and Yasuaki Hosaka.  Jo suggests, however, that Kurosawa, Nanami and himself should surrender, but Kurosawa begins yelling about their murdered family members and refuses to lay down his weapon.  Kurosawa argues with a Wild Seven-affiliated child, blaming the terrorist group for their sufferings, while the child speaks of the harm done to them by the government.  The child says they all share a common enemy, but before a truce can be called, Maho Nosaka screams and fires into the Wild Seven's ranks, killing the boy and sparking a swift and bloody gunfight.  Jo shoots as well, and is quickly and brutally dispatched with a bullet to the head.

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