Character Information
Noriko Nakagawa


Assigned Weapon:Binoculars
Actress:Aki Maeda, Ai Iwamura (Stand-in)


In director's cut, she is cheering on her class in the basketball game between Class 3-B and Class 3-A with Megumi Eto, Chisato Matsui, Kayoko Kotohiki, Satomi Noda, and Kaori Minami.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Noriko is best friends with Megumi Eto. She had a crush on Shuya Nanahara. Her enemies are Fumiyo Fujiyoshi, Mayumi Tendo, Yoshimi Yahagi for locking her in the bathroom stall.

In the ProgramEdit

A soldier shoots her in the upper arm after the students try to flee from the classroom after Fumiyo's death; the soldiers shoot in the air and the ground in order to scare the students in submission, and one of the soldiers accidentally shoots Noriko in the arm. Shuya quickly grabbed onto Noriko to protect her while Kuninobu angrily attacked the soldiers to avenge Noriko. Shuya Nanahara made a vow to protect Noriko throughout the game because he believed Yoshitoki, his best friend who was killed while the rules of the game were being explained, had a crush on her (but over the course of the story Shuya falls in love with her himself). As Noriko left the school, she meets Shuya. Her issued weapon in the movie is binoculars. Noriko witnesses Tatsumichi Oki attack Shuya and after the two fall down the hill, she runs after them and finds Shogo Kawada has saved Shuya from Kyoichi Motobuchi after which Kawada teams up with them. Noriko's injury gives her a fever, so Shuya and Shogo take her to an infirmary on the island to rest. When Shuya is injured in his battle with Kazuo Kiriyama and ends up in the Lighthouse, Noriko stays behind with Shogo. At the end of the Game, when Noriko, Shuya, and Shogo are the only survivors, she helps Shuya and Shogo with the plan to escape. Noriko and Shuya manage to get back to the mainland, and as the movie ends, they are wanted criminals planning on escaping to the United States.




In the sequel Battle Royale II: Requiem, Noriko is not mentioned by name throughout a large portion of the film. Instead, various characters refer to her as "that girl" or "this girl" until she is mentioned by her full name by Shiori Kitano. Shuya reveals that she escaped with him to a war-torn country to avoid the Japanese authorities. When Shuya decided to return to Japan and fight, Noriko stayed behind. She finally appears at the end of the film to greet Shuya on his return home. Presumably, she is living in relative peace there.

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Concept Artwork of Noriko Nakagawa.

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