Battle Royale
Manga Information
Chapter115-One's Last Moment
One's Last Moment
Chapter: 115
Volume: 15
Previous: Determination
Next: Deception
Deaths: Kazuo Kiriyama


Shuya Nanahara finally fires the bullet and it hits Kazuo Kiriyama in the chin. Kazuo falls to the ground and starts to lose his vison as Shuya runs over towards him who tries to tell Kazuo that he had to shoot him and he didn't even want to play but Kazuo forced him to and that they can try and get him help. Shuya tries to get Kazuo to breathe while Shogo Kawada and Noriko Nakagawa looks. Finally Kazuo shows a brief sign of life and says "...Shu?" "I... Can FEEL... again..." and dies. Shuya cries more as he didn't want things to end like this but Shogo stops him and explains that no one really wins these games and to grab a few of the guns as they still need to do one more thing before the y can be safe. The three leave the sight and Shogo takes them to a part of the island where they can see home. Shogo explains that they need closure as it may be the last time they see it but Shuya tells them that it isn't their home anymore as they gave them up to the Program.

Shogo then asks them to hand over their guns as they will be a liabilty. The two hand them over and ask what their next move is. Shogo tells them that trust is really hard to come by and they managed to do that. However, they have outlived their usefulness and their is going to be only one winner as he points his gun at Shuya and Noriko.

I can feel again

Kazuo's last words


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Final appearance of Kazuo during the game.
  • Final part of the Shuya, Noriko, Shogo vs. Kazuo battle.