Battle Royale
Manga Information
Chapter 93-Promise
Chapter: 92
Volume: 12
Previous: Inversion
Next: Incubation
Deaths: Kayoko Kotohiki, Hiroki Sugimura

Hiroki has defeated Kazuo and confessed his feelings towards Kayoko, now the two can find Shuya and plot to escape the island..that is until Hiroki realizes something is wrong.


Hiroki Sugimura notices a gun is pointing at him and Kayoko Kotohiki and the person holding the gun is Kazuo Kiriyama. Hiroki tries to get Kayoko away as he realizes how Kazuo survived. Hiroki forgot that Toshinori Oda had a bulletproof vest and Kazuo murdered him, thus now Kazuo has the vest. Kazuo shoots Hiroki in the stomach and Hiroki begs Kayoko to run away. Kayoko instead rushes to his side as Kazuo walks towards her.

Hiroki wishes to take back what he said as he now realizes that Kayoko is going to end up just like Takako Chigusa. Kayoko doesn't want to leave Hiroki so she decides to die with him as Hiroki still wants to take back everything as the girl he loves is shot in the left temple in front of his eyes. Kayoko ended up dead just like Takako and soon Hiroki joins them as Kazuo shoots Hiroki in the cheek. Hiroki's last thoughts are that he is no longer afraid and it was all for Kayoko, as Kazuo packs up and leaves the two corpses.

  • Female Student #8: Kayoko Kotohiki: Eliminated
  • Male Student #11: Hiroki Sugimura: Eliminated

5 to go


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Final part of the Hiroki and Kayoko vs. Kazuo fight.