Battle Royale
Manga Information
Chapter: 76
Volume: 10
Previous: Funeral
Next: Bleak Reunion
Deaths: None

Shuya must make his way back to Noriko and Shogo, but as he makes his journey, he thinks back on the girls he didn't get to save and he makes a vow that there will not be anymore deaths and runs into another girl, can he save Mizuho Inada?


It is starting to rain as Shuya Nanahara is making his way to meetup with Noriko Nakagawa and Shogo Kawada. Due to the rain, Shuya can't make two fires which would have helped him out since Shogo would make a birdcall if he saw them.

As Shuya walks, he notices that he is now at the very place where they fought Kazuo Kiriyama, he then looks up to see the same area where he witnessed Yukiko Kitano and Yumiko Kusaka where calling for peace, only to end up killed. Next location he notices is where Kaori Minami and Hirono Shimizu was having their gun fight. He then notices the lighthouse where Yukie Utsumi and her friends all killed each other.

Shuya realizes that he failed to save any of these girls and knows that no one really wins the program. He starts to feel like he is losing his mind which he knows is exactly what the program wants. Shuya makes a vow that there wouldn't be anymore deaths while he is around and then he runs into Mizuho Inada who is holding onto a gun. Shuya says hi but Mizuho is already rising her gun to fire and hits a nearby tree. Shuya tries to reason with her but she keeps firing. He runs away from her until she trips and checks her gun, he tries again to get her to stop but starts to get annoyed when it appears she isn't paying attention to him. He tells her that there is a way to escape and she can join him but Mizuho aims her gun at him once again.

Shuya looks into her eyes and remembers the way Kaori, Kyoichi Motobuchi, Tatsumichi Oki, Yuko Sakaki, and Kazuo Kiriyama looked when he met them. He knows that Mizuho has lost her mind and starts to think that he can't save anyone as he was too late for her.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • In a departure from the novel and film, Mizuho does meet Shuya, although she is already too crazy from him to help her.