Battle Royale
Manga Information
Chapter: 95
Volume: 12
Previous: Incubation
Next: Closed Off Future
Deaths: None


Kazuo Kiriyama finishes putting on a new shirt to hide his wounds ,elsewhere Shuya Nanahara is telling Shogo Kawada that they cannot give up on Kazuo as he too is just a kid, not some kind of powerful monster and that someone like Hiroki Sugimura can easily take him down. Shogo reminds Shuya that Hiroki isn't the type of person who can kill someone while Kazuo just doesn't care. Shogo then asks Shuya if he had ever seen Kazuo display any emotion and that he is dead inside.

This gets Shuya to ask about Mitsuko Souma and if she is the same as Kazuo. Shogo replies that she isn't but she is emotionally damaged and assumes that someone has messed up her and she doesn't know what to do with those feelings so she acts out.

Shogo tells him that the difference between the two is that with Mitsuko, it is a mercy kill but as for Kazuo, take him out any way possible.

Elsewhere, Mitsuko has changed her clothing and as she makes her way out of the house, she spots a photograph of a young girl smiling with her family. Mitsuko remembers how her step-father treated her and pulls down the photograph.

Noriko Nakagawa starts crying as she knows that they cannot be helped and the program will always win in the end. Shogo then takes a stick and writes the word "desk" on the ground. He asks the two what it says and they reply, he then writes "cherry blossom" which Noriko answers and then finally writes "murder" which Shuya confuses for death at first. Shuya remembers everyone that he has seen and wants to know what is going on. Shogo explains that it is a test to see how normal they were. Police use this type of test to see how bad someone is and someone like Mitsuko would giggle at the words but Kazuo wouldn't as the real psychos do not have any reaction which might explain Kazuo's actions on the island, he is just killing because he can. Shogo hopes that if the Kazuo and Mitsuko met up, that Mitsuko wins as she would be easy to take out.

Shuya cries as he doesn't want to believe Kazuo can be like this and he must have been made into the way he is.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Both Kazuo and Mitsuko change their clothing
  • In the Tokyopop edition, Shuya mentions many famous Americans, this would be immpossible for him to know as it should be difficult to access that information in their country.