Battle Royale

Rena Niimi (新見 玲奈, Nīmi Rena) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


At Rena's old school, she was made fun of for having an anime-ish voice and being dumb. This can be seen in her character video, where she stumbles over her own name twice and holds her body armor because she can't figure out how to put it on. She was also asthmatic.

Friends and Enemies[]

Rena was friends with Miki Ikeda and Ryoko Hata. It was also known that she was well liked among by the boys, including Masakatsu Taguchi.

Before the Program[]

Before the program begins, Rena comforts Miki along with Ryoko when she is called up to participate. She calls out to her after she breaks from their grip to collect her supplies after hearing Riki Takeuchi's conditions.

During the Program[]

She was a part of the group that separated from Takuma Aoi and the others during the supply retrieval mission. While the first group recovers from the loss of Miki Ikeda and Shugo Urabe, Masakatsu is separated from the second group and accidentally sets off a booby trap that fatally wounds him. When Rena and the rest of the group come over to investigate, his partner Honami Totsuka begins to panic before her collar explodes. While the group is left in a state of shock, Masakatsu's body, held up by a loose piece of wood, falls onto the booby traps triggering more explosions. Rena, who had been sitting on a nearby tree with Ryoko, is killed by the ensuing explosion along with her partner Tatsuhiko Hasegawa and Ryoko's partner Kenji Maezono.


  • The name Rena means "sound of jewels" (玲) (re), and "Nara, what" (奈) (na)
  • Rena's surname Niimi means "new" (新) (), and "sight" (見) (mi)


  • Rena's death in the Revenge Edition is slightly different; she outran the first few explosions but got blown up by the mine Ryoko accidently hit when she tripped.