Battle Royale

Riki Takeuchi (竹内 力, Takeuchi Riki) is a main character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Riki is a teacher and had a daughter who lost her life in Wild Seven's terrorist attack on downtown Osaka. He takes pills for unknown reasons, most likely related to his daughter's death.

Before the Program[]

Riki explains the rules of BRII and calls out the names of the students to cross the line and receive their gear. When Shintaro Makimura refuses, Riki has the ATAT Leader shoot him in the leg and tells him that this is his last chance, or he will die. Shintaro stated he hasn't lost yet, and the ATAT leader kills him; After Shintaro's death, Kazumi Fukuda's collar activated and he explained the new rule: each student is linked to their seating partner; if they die or get further than 50 meters from each other their collars will activate. Something he didn't mention, however, was that there's a noticeable lag between when a student dies and when their partner's collar activates, ranging from 15-30 seconds.

During the Program[]

During the Noon announcement, he calls out the names of the students who have died up to that point. When the Prime Minister of Japan orders him to bomb the island the Wild Seven is based at, Riki is disgusted and questions the actions of the adults, so easily provoked into using bombs to get their way (much in the manner of children). When the ATAT troops raid the base on Island, Riki accompanies them. Shortly after, Saki Sakurai activates a computer that is meant to activate a failsafe explosive, and dies shortly after. He enters the base wearing a rugby kit and carrying the rugby ball seen at the start of the film. He meets with the surviving trio of Shuya Nanahara, Shiori Kitano and Takuma Aoi, and explains to them that they must find their future. A collar around his neck then beeps, and he promptly throws himself into the hideout, as if converting a try, as the trio escape outside. His collar explodes, as well as the building around him, instantly killing him.


  • The name Riki means "power, strength" (力)
  • Riki's surname Takeuchi means "bamboo" (竹) (take) and "inside" (内) (uchi)