Battle Royale

Risa Shindo (新藤 理沙, Shindō Risa) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Risa is a local girl and tennis player. She's the class president, has good grades and is well-liked by her classmates.

Friends and enemies[]

She was best friends with Honami Totsuka since elementary school. She's also friends with Mayu Hasuda.

Before the Program[]

During the Program[]

After Masakatsu Taguchi was blown from a mine, She and a few others went to check what happened. After he died, her best friend Honami Totsuka’s collar started beeping, she was worried about her but couldn’t do anything. After Honami died, Masakatsu’s body falls onto another landmine which explodes and causes a chain reaction, killing Tatsuhiko Hasegawa, Rena Niimi, Kenji Maezono, and Ryoko Hata. During mission 3: "Assault" , her partner, Naoki Jo was killed and her collar activated. She clung to Mayu and closed her eyes, bracing for death but Maki Souda activated an EMB that disabled the collars and saved her. She survives the airstrike and eventually escapes the island. The students and children head to Afghanistan where they live for three months while waiting for Takuma Aoi and Shuya Nanahara. When they do reunite, Risa is overjoyed. The students choose not to join Wild Seven, and Risa stays in Afghanistan, Presumably for the rest of her life.


  • The name Risa means "reason, logic" (理) (ri) and "sand" (沙) (sa).
  • Risa's surname Shindo means "fresh, new" (新) (shin) and "wisteria" (藤) (to/do).