Character Information
Ryuhei Sasagawa
Position: 35th
Kills: 0
Killed by: Kazuo Kiriyama
Cause of Death: Shot
Death Location and Time: J-3 (Before 6am, Day 1)
Chapter Death: 10: Kazuo Kiriyama (Part Two)
Assigned Weapon: SG 552 assault rifle


He is in a gang with Kazuo Kiriyama, Hiroshi Kuronaga, Mitsuru Numai, and Shou Tsukioka. Besides his gang, he wasn't close to anyone else and most likely his classmates didn't care for his bullying ways. He would reguarly bully Yoshio Akamatsu and hated the sound of Yoshio's video games.

In the Program

Kazuo Kiriyama tells Ryuhei, along with the other gang members, to meet him at the Southern tip of the island when they were released from the school. Ryuhei follows the instruction, only to be shot by Kiriyama on his arrival.

In the English language manga, the same thing happens,although at one point Ryuhei and Hiroshi got together and found Izumi Kanai and took her hostage. When they arrived at the location they wanted to start things off by raping Izumi but left the choice up to Kazuo who flipped a coin to decide rather to take part with them or play the game. The coin ended up on tails, which meant Kazuo was going to play the game and he killed all 3 of them.

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