Character Information
Sakura Manga
Sakura Ogawa
Position: 32nd
Kills: 0
Killed by: Suicide
Cause of Death: Jumped off a cliff
Death Location and Time: A-8 (Before 6am, Day 1)
Chapter Death: 11: Treasure
Assigned Weapon:

Glock 17 Pistol


Sakura had been dating Kazuhiko Yamamoto for an undefined amount of time. One of their first dates consisted of looking around shops for almost an entire day, although Sakura was concerned that Kazuhiko didn't pay much attention. Sakura had spotted a purse she adored during this time, but didn't bother with it, as she knew it was too expensive. Later on, the two were sitting on a bench when Kazuhiko presented her with the purse. Sakura loved it and traveled with it wherever she went. Shinji Mimura once remarked that Sakura was one of the most attractive girls in their class. Sakura once mentioned that she had bet on a girl to win a previous Program, but it is most likely at her brother's request, as he was a huge fan of Battle Royale.

In the Program

Before leaving the school, Sakura passes a note to Kazuhiko, asking him to meet her on the northern tip of the island. Once they both arrive, they began discussing how much they mean to each other and realize they cannot live without one another. They both jumped off the cliffs, clinging to each other. Yukie Utsumi witnessed this and cried over not being able to save them.

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