Battle Royale

For the novel, please go to Satomi Noda (Novel). For the manga, please go to Satomi Noda (Manga).

Satomi Noda (野田 聡美, Noda Satomi) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Not much is known about Satomi other then that she was highly paranoid and she took sleeping pills. If Satomi was anything like her novel and manga counterparts, then she would've been studious, but still willing to help anyone with anything. She wasn't as straight-laced as her counterparts though, as shown by her genuinely enjoying both the basketball game and playing with her friends.

Friends and Enemies[]

She is friends with Yukie Utsumi, Haruka Tanizawa, Chisato Matsui, Yuka Nakagawa, and Yuko Sakaki.

Before the Program[]

Before Kitano resigned, Class B decided to take a day off and skip school, Satomi included; she attended the basketball game against Class A, and celebrated when Class B won. Satomi decided to go on the class trip; while on the bus, she played patty-cake with Yukie, Haruka, Masao Hayashida, and a few other girls, and got frustrated when Mr. Hayashida got distracted. Satomi fell asleep after breathing in a sleeping gas pumped into the bus; she was then transported to an island and fitted with an explosive collar.

Satomi, along with the rest of the class, woke up in a classroom in the island’s school; while she was still unconscious, Yukie picked her up to check on her before noticing that Yuka was wearing the same collar as her. Unnerved by the presence of Shogo Kawada and Kazuo Kiriyama, Satomi rushed over to the window to watch a helicopter land in front of the school. Satomi was shocked to see that Kitano had returned. When Kitano was writing the name of the BR Act law on the chalkboard, Satomi asked who 'these people' (referring to the soldiers) are, which he ignored. When Kitano asked the class if they knew the BR Act law, Satomi kept quiet, obviously knowing the law, but afraid to say it aloud. Satomi was horrified upon seeing Mr. Hayashida's corpse. When Fumiyo Fujiyoshi was killed, Satomi panicked and ran for the door trying to escape before running towards the back of the classroom when the soldiers began firing. When Yoshitoki's collar was activated, he ran to his classmates, begging for help. When Yoshitoki approached Satomi, she ran away, scared.

When Satomi's name was called, she grabbed her school bag and ran towards the front of the room; she caught her supply bag and ran out of the school.

During the Program[]


Satomi (on the table near Yuka), near death after being shot by Yukie and Haruka.

Satomi is one of the girls who joins Yukie and her group at the lighthouse. While at the lighthouse Satomi moans about only living until the next day. Yukie comforts her, telling her that they will find a way off the island. Later, Yuko tries to poison Shuya Nanahara, but accidentally kills Yuka. Satomi panics and grabs the nearest weapon lying on the table, which happened to be Yuka's micro-Uzi, and demands to know who the killer is. She accuses Chisato first since she was cooking the food who in turn points the finger at Haruka who helped her. Haruka also denies poisoning the food and accuses Satomi because she didn't sleep the last two nights on the island and believes Satomi doesn't trust any of them. Satomi said that she forgot her sleeping pills but Haruka doesn't believe she could have insomnia at her age. Chisato gets angry at being blamed and blames Yukie for the poisoning and accuses her of trying to kill the rest so she could run off with Shuya and goes for her gun. However, Satomi shoots her dead within seconds. Yukie dashes for her gun and shoots Satomi. While Satomi tries to avoid the bullets, Haruka then gets her gun and the three girls get involved in a gunfight. Satomi manages to kill Haruka and mortally wound Yukie. Satomi then aims her gun at Yuko; she asks her if it was her who poisoned Yuka, which she denies. Satomi believes her and laments how she hoped she’d live one more day. Yukie then aims her gun at Satomi and kills her.


  • The name Satomi means "intelligent, clever, bright" (聡) (sato) and "beautiful" (美) (mi).
  • Satomi's surname Noda means "field, wilderness" (野) (no) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).

Facts and Notes[]

  • Since Shogo and Kazuo were transfer students, Satomi was the second most deadliest person in her class (Mitsuko Souma being the deadliest).