Battle Royale

Satoshi Imakire (今切 聡, Imakīre Satoshi) is a supporting character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Satoshi is the eldest of the group, and plays the calm and dignified elder-brother role. His favorite weapons are hand-made rocket launchers. It's possible he was a previous BR winner.

During the Program[]

Satoshi fired at the students until Saki Sakurai noticed that they were wearing explosive collars. On Day Two, after the US bombed the island, Satoshi led a twenty-one gun salute for the Wild Seven members killed. When the ATAT raided the island, Satoshi chose to fight to buy the children and surviving students time to escape. He killed a few soldiers before being shot himself. He, alongside Osamu Kasai, sacrificed themselves by blowing themselves up with a rocket launcher, killing themselves along with several soldiers.


  • The name Satoshi means "intelligent, clever" (聡)
  • Satoshi's surname Imakire means "now" (今) (ima) and "cut" ((切) (kire)