Character Information
Shiho Matsuki
Killed by:Explosion
Cause of Death:Caught in boat explosion
Actress: Maika Matsumoto

Female Student # 16: Shiho Matsuki is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Shiho was an honor student who despised the delinquents. She wanted to take an equivalency test and graduate and leave.

Freinds and EnemiesEdit

She despised all the delinquents, but she was friends with Hibiki Yano.

In the programEdit

Shiho was one of the first to die in the program. After Yosuke Miyadai was shot, his dying body hit Shiho on the head as she asked him to stay still. After Yosuke fell over, Wataru Mukai shouted out his name and Shiho and everyone else began to panic. Because of Yosuke's death, Yuka Mifune would die of a collar explosion. To make matters worse, Shiho's partner Kiyoshi Minamoto freaked out and jumped off the boat after Asuka Motomura was shot in the eye. Kiyohsi then died of a collar explosion due to a proximity violation. For some reason however, Shiho's collar didn't explode. Before Shiho died, Yuka shook her and then backed into Wataru, where Yuka's collar then exploded. Yuka's collar detonation blew up the whole boat killing Shiho and everyone else on board.

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