Character Information
Shinji Mimura



1 (Assisted): Kazuo Kiriyama

Killed by:Himself
Cause of Death:Blew himself up

Assigned Weapon:

Beretta M92F Pistol
Actor:Tsukamoto Takashi


He was on the Class B basketball team with his teammates Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Shuya Nanahara, Sho Tsukioka and Hiroki Sugimura

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Mimura was best friends with Yutaka Seto and Keita Iijima. He was also a friend of Shuya Nanahara and Hiroki Sugimura.

In the ProgramEdit

In the Program, Mimura is shown to be an intuitive and intelligent student. He was the only student to figure out that there were microphones in the collars (although this does not stop them from still talking about their plans). He is also a lethal hacker. Along with his friends Yutaka and Ijima, Shinji managed to hack the computer system with a "Third Man" hacking code, making the collars stop working for 15 minutes. Their plan was that while the systems were offline and the danger zones were cleared they would drive a truck filled with explosives and molotovs that they all made in the 15 minute gap into the school to blow it up in order to kill Kitano  and the soldiers. Unfortunately Kazuo Kiriyama appears and kills Yutaka (Yutaka mistakes him for Shuya). Ijima and Mimura try to return fire at Kiriyama, but are too tired or distracted to hit him. Kiriyama tries to take them both out but as Ijima and Mimura dodge, Ijima gets killed but saves Mimura by being in the line of fire. Mimura in a rage decides to take out Kiriyama by blowing up the truck filled with explosives. Mimura leaps to the front of the truck, where Kiriyama is, and tries to hit the trigger for the bomb set up on the front of the truck. Kiriyama keeps mowing down Mimura with gunfire but with one last effort to avenge his friends and kill the psychopath, Mimura screams and smashes the trigger which blows up the truck, killing himself in the process. However, Mimura's sacrifice was not in vain as the explosion blinded Kiriyama, giving Shogo Kawada the advantage in the final battle between the two transfers.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Unlike the novel and manga, Shinji likes Keita Iijma in the film, where as in the other versions he can't stand him.
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