Battle Royale

For the novel, please go to Shinji Mimura (Novel). For the manga, please go to Shinji Mimura (Manga).

Shinji Mimura (三村 信史, Mimura Shinji) is a supporting character in Battle Royale.


Not much is known about Shinji's past other than that he's on the Class B basketball team. He's also a good programmer, having written a 'Third Man' hacking program in two days. He has an uncle who's an international freedom fighter. It's possible his neck was easily irritated, since he stuffed tissues in between his neck and the collar and is seen rubbing balm on his neck before noticing the microphone in the collars.

Friends and Enemies[]

Shinji's best friends with Yutaka Seto and Keita Iijima. He's also friends with Shuya Nanahara and Hiroki Sugimura. He's mutual friends with Yoshitoki Kuninobu, Noriko Nakagawa, Megumi Eto, and Takako Chigusa.

Before the Program[]

Before Kitano resigned, Class B decided to take a day off and skip school, Shinji included; he attended the basketball game against Class A, and celebrated when Class B won. Shinji decided to go on the class trip; while on the bus, he most likely chatted with his friends. Shinji fell asleep after breathing in a sleeping gas pumped into the bus; he was then transported to an island and fitted with an explosive collar.

Shinji, along with the rest of the class, woke up in a classroom in the island’s school. Unnerved by the presence of Shogo Kawada and Kazuo Kiriyama, Shinji rushed over to the window to watch a helicopter land in front of the school. Shinji was shocked to see that Kitano had returned. When Kitano asked the class if they knew the BR Act law, Shinji kept quiet, obviously knowing the law, but afraid to say it aloud. Shinji was horrified upon seeing Masao Hayashida's corpse. When Fumiyo Fujiyoshi was killed, Shinji panicked and ran for the door trying to escape before running towards the back of the classroom when the soldiers began firing. When Yoshitoki Kuninobu's collar got activated, Shinji ran around the room trying to evade him.

When Shinji's name was called, he grabbed his school bag and ran towards the front of the room; he caught his supply bag and ran out of the school.

During the Program[]

Shinji is the only student to figure out that there were microphones in the collars (although this does not stop them from still talking about their plans). He is also a lethal hacker. Along with his friends Yutaka and Keita, Shinji manages to hack the computer system with a "Third Man" hacking code, making the collars stop working for 15 minutes. Their plan is that while the systems are offline and the danger zones are cleared they will drive a truck filled with explosives, hydrogen tanks, and Molotov's that they all made during the last two into the school to blow it up in order to kill Kitano and the soldiers. Unfortunately Kazuo appears and kills Yutaka (Yutaka mistakes him for Shuya). Keita and Shinji try to return fire at Kazuo, but are too far away to hit him. Kazuo tries to take them both out but as Keita and Shinji dodge, Keita gets killed but saves Shinji by being in the line of fire. Shinji in a rage decides to take out Kazuo by blowing up the truck filled with explosives. Shinji leaps to the front of the truck, where Kazuo is, and tries to hit the trigger for the bomb set up on the front of the truck. Kazuo keeps mowing down Shinji with gunfire but with one last effort to avenge his friends and kill the psychopath, Shinji smashes the trigger which blows up the truck, killing himself in the process. Shinji's sacrifice is not in vain as the explosion blinds Kazuo, giving Shogo the advantage in the final battle between the two transfers.


  • The name Shinji means "fidelity, trust" (信) (shin) and "history, chronicle" (史) (ji)
  • Shinji's surname Mimura means "three" (三) (mi), and "town, village" (村) (mura)


  • This is the only version of Shinji who's friends with Keita; in the novel and manga, he hates him for his cowardice.
  • Shinji is one of six students to commit suicide; the others are Sakura Ogawa, Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Yoshimi Yahagi, Yoji Kuramoto, and Yuko Sakaki.
  • This is the only version of Shinji whose uncle is still alive.
  • This is the only version of Shinji who didn't kill Keita Iijima; in the novel and manga, he accidentally shot him in the face trying to scare him off.