Battle Royale

Shintaro Makimura (牧村 慎太郎, Makimura Shintarō) is a minor character in the film Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Shintaro was the rugby team captain who was known for being trustworthy and capable and the leader of his social group. He'd been held back twice, resulting in him being two years older than his classmates.

Friends and Enemies[]

He was best friends with Takuma Aoi, and friends with Nao Asakura, Shugo Urabe, Wataru Mukai, Haruya Sakurai, and Masami Shibaki. He was dating Asuka Motomura.

Before the Program[]

Shintaro refuses to take part in the game. As a result he is shot by the ATAT leader in the leg. Riki Takeuchi tells him to think it through, that he's been losing all his life and this is his chance to finally be a winner; he still refuses to play, so the ATAT leader shoots him in the head, killing him. Because of the new rule, his partner, Kazumi Fukuda's collar activated and detonated, killing her.


  • The name Shintaro means "humility, discreet" (慎) (shin), "thick, plump" (太) (ta), and "son" (郎) ()
  • Shintaro's surname Makimura means "shepherd" (牧) (maki), and "hamlet, village" (村) (mura)