Character Information
Shintaro Makimura
Shintaro Makimura
Position: 42nd
Kills: None
Killed by: ATAT leader
Cause of Death: Shot
Actor: Masaya Kikawada

Basic InfoEdit

Male Student # 15: Shintaro Makimura (槙村慎太郎 Makimura Shintarō) is a character in the film Battle Royale II: Requiem. In the film he was played by Masaya Kikawada.


He was the rugby team captain who was known for being trustworthy and capable and the leader of his social group. He's also dating Asuka Motomura. He is friends with Takuma Aoi, Nao Asakura, Shugo Urabe, Wataru Mukai, Haruya Sakurai, and Masami Shibaki.

During The ProgramEdit

Shintaro refuses to take part in killing and also to take part in the game. As a result he is shot twice by the ATAT leader surrounding the students. His death is also the cause of Kazumi Fukuda's death due to a new rule; If one's partner is killed, the other's collar will explode automatically. In this case, Kazumi was his partner.

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