Battle Royale

Shiori Kitano (北野 詩織, Kitano Shiori) is a main character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Shiori was the daughter of Kitano, the teacher and program administrator from the first Battle Royale film. Shiori disliked Kitano and wished not to associate with him; she never called him "father." In a flashback in Battle Royale II: Requiem, Kitano invited Shiori to dinner as he thinks it's her birthday; she refused the invitation and gave him the cold shoulder, telling him that her birthday was actually the day before. Kitano asked Shiori if he should commit suicide, to which she scoffed and called him an idiot.

In Battle Royale, Shiori calls Kitano twice; during the first call, she tells him that her mom's feeling sick again; Kitano tells her he can't come back yet, to which she tells him to not even bother coming home after his "business trip" and not to breath on the phone since she can smell it. During the second call, Kitano tells her he won't be coming back to which Shiori tells him that she hates him and that he's irresponsible, prompting Kitano to throw the phone down and shoot it before dying.

In Battle Royale II: Requiem, Shiori quit attending school when she realized the girl in Kitano's painting is Noriko Nakagawa and not her. She has his painting framed and hung on her wall.

Shiori asks to be transferred to the school selected for Battle Royale II so she could avenge her father.

During her stay at Shikanotoride Junior High School, Shiori joined the rugby team to improve her physical skills. She enjoyed playing piano, though it's unknown if she continued playing after her father died.

Before the Program[]

Unlike most of the students forced into fighting Shuya Nanahara, Shiori in many aspects is similar to Kazuo Kiriyama from the previous film; she willingly transfers to the school to take part in the program, although her motives are for revenge and not simply 'for fun.'

When the students are being escorted to the caged classroom, Shiori is walking calmly, as opposed to her classmates who are stumbling into each other and being shoved by the soldiers. When the students are briefed in the caged classroom, Shiori is the first to choose to fight when the students were given the 'option' to abstain from fighting. In fact, when Takuma Aoi charges at Riki Takeuchi, Shiori knocks him out the way, before collecting her bag and sitting on the floor, ignoring her classmates' cries of concern.

During the Program[]

Shiori survives Mission 1: "Landing" and ends up in Group A when the class gets separated.

When the students drag a badly injured Shugo Urabe back into cover, Shiori covers them by firing at the snipers.

When the students breach the base, Shiori chooses not to fight. Her partner Ryo Kurosawa is killed in the gunfight sparked by Maho Nosaka and her collar activates; Shiori attempts to bluff Shuya by holding a little girl hostage, but shortly after pushes the girl to safety and apologizes to her before closing her eyes and bracing for death. She is saved when Maki Souda activates the EMB and disables the collars.

When the students formed an alliance with Shuya and his group, Shiori came out and told Shuya that she hated him, but did not specify the reason until later. After the island was bombed by the US, Shiori attended the memorial bonfire for Haruka Kuze and the Wild Seven members who were killed, but detached herself from the group by sitting with her side to the fire.

During the invasion of the island, Shiori is struck by a bullet fired by an ATAT Soldier. As she lies dying in Shuya Nanahara's arms, she asks what Noriko was like. After hearing about her, she confesses that she never once called Kitano 'father', then dies from her injuries.


  • The name Shiori means "poem" (詩) (shi), and "weave" (織) (ori)
  • Shiori's surname Kitano means "north" (北) (kita) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no)