Battle Royale

Shota Hikasa (日笠 将太, Hikasa Shōta) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Shota was a local boy who kept to himself and found it hard to make friends.

Friends and Enemies[]

Shota's only friend was Yosuke Miyadai.

Before the Program[]

Before the program started, Shota tried his best to protect his friends, Masakatsu Taguchi and Yosuke Miyadai to prevent them from going to the winners' side while Riki Takeuchi tells Takuma Aoi to go on the winners' or losers' side. When Miki Ikeda's name was called, Shota moved away. When Takeuchi gave her choices, he looked up at her. After Kazumi Fukuda died from collar denotation, He, Yosuke Miyadai, Kenji Maezono, and Eri Yoshiyama are horrified by her corpse.

During the Program[]

Shota survives the initial landing mission and is with Naoki Jo's group when the class separates. He survives the trip mine trap and is part of the group that attacks the Wild Seven in their hideout. Shota is one of the few who refuse to surrender. Yasuaki Hosaka tries to calm Maho Nosaka down. He tries to get Yasuaki up but Maho pulls him away. When the firefight between the defiant students and the Wild Seven breaks out, he is shown trying to shoot at the terrorists. After Yasuaki and Maho died, he furiously fired his weapon but he was shot and killed. Though his partner Maho was killed before him, his collar didn't activate due to the lag between when a student dies and when their partner's collar activates.


  • The name Shota means "soar, glide) (将) (shō), and "thick, great" (太) (ta)
  • Shota's surname Hikasa means "day, sun" (日) (hika), and "bamboo hat" (笠) (sa)