Character Information
Shugo Urabe
Killed by:Saki Sakurai
Cause of Death:Shot
Actor: Takeru Shibaki

Male Student # 2: Shugo Urabe is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Shugo was a rugby player. He had many brothers and transferred to Shikanotoride because of financial problems. He was the best player on the team before Aoi joined.

Friends and enemiesEdit

He had a crush on Nao Asakura. He's also friends with Takuma Aoi.

In the programEdit

After the students got the boxes containing weapons and useless items, Nao was hurt. As Shugo went out to help her, he was blown up by a bomb and wounded. Shugo got help from the other students after he was injured, but his collar suddenly activated because his partner Miki Ikeda was in a danger zone. They tried to get Miki to get out of the danger zone, but she ran away and was killed by her collar. After Miki's death, Shugo ran out and told his friends to leave him. He also told Takuma that he was always friends with him and also told him to take care of Nao. After that, he ran out and attacked the Wild Seven, where he was shot in the chest and head, killing him. His death saddened Takuma.

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