Battle Royale

Soji Kazama (風間 総司, Kazama Sōji) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Soji is a previous BR winner. The strong, silent, dangerous type, he's a skilled sniper, and competes with Saki Sakurai.

During the Program[]

Soji fired at the students until Saki noticed they were wearing explosive collars. When the ATAT raided the island, Soji chose to fight to buy the children and surviving students time to escape. During the battle, Soji sniped at the soldiers until one found his way into his alcove; the two fought, until a explosion blew them out into the open. The soldiers surrounded Soji and executed him.


  • The name Soji means "general, overall" (総) (), and "official, director" (司) (ji)
  • Soji's surname Kazama means "wind, style" (風) (kaza), and "among, between" (間) (ma)